Survey Love: Valued Opinions

15 Apr

Click Here" target="_blank">Valued Opinions is another awesome consumer survey site. Join for free, complete surveys, and be rewarded in cash or gift cards!

Valued Opinions perks:

  • Quick and Easy to Use!
  • High Cash Value: Every survey is worth between $2 and $5 + $50 per specialist survey.
  • A time-saver: these surveys often take less time than most offered at other survey companies.
  • Quick and easy turn around: some Outpost-er’s earn $15 or $20 to Amazon per week, or more.

NOTE: Like other survey companies, you will often be accepted into some surveys and not meet the requirements for others. I recommend completing these surveys as soon as possible: Surveys will become unavailable to you and others of your sex and age range complete them!

Head on over Click Here" target="_blank">here to sign up for Valued Opinions, and start earning fantastic rewards!

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