Starbucks Rewards: Get FREE [and scrumptious] Drinks!

13 Mar

Great News! I got my Starbucks Gold Card in the mail today, and I am officially a “Starbucks Gold” member. The even better news: I did it for free using by registering my Starbucks cards from Shop it to Me and Swagbucks.

Register a gift card on to become part of the Starbucks rewards program! You earn 1 star for every Starbucks purchase made – and you receive specific awards when you reach 5 stars and the gold level: 30 stars.

Why join Starbucks rewards? Because it will give you the following perks…

@ the Welcome Level (0 Stars)

  • Free Beverage on your Birthday

@ the Green Level (5 Stars)
Welcome Level Perks + …

  • Free Syrups and Milk Options
  • Free Refills on Brewed Coffee or Tea
  • Free Beverage with Whole Bean Purchase
  • Free Trial Offers

@ the Gold Level (30 Stars)
Welcome Level and Green Level Perks + …

  • Free Drink with every 15 Stars
  • Personalized Gold Card
  • Personalized Offers and Coupons
    [just got one for a free oatmeal!]

My Tips: Go to Starbucks often [or even not so often], but don’t have a gift card? BUY one! Take the money you would use to purchase your drink, and have the barista add it to the card first. Then use the card to make the purchase. Viola! One star for you. ALSO: Each star is credited per purchase: if you are going to buy more than one drink, do so in multiple purchases to increase your rewards.

Click here to register a card today and work toward your freebies!

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