Reader Shopping Trip: Walgreens + CVS!

14 Apr

thrift[me] reader Vanna had a terrific shopping trip to CVS and Walgreens! Check it out:

“I got some awesome deals at CVS and Walgreens today so I thought that I would share. I just have to share with someone who appreciates a good deal!! Here it goes!


1st Transaction:
Plackers Flossers $2.00
2 Pretzel M&Ms on sale for $2.50
Total: $7
-used two $1 off pretzel M&Ms
-used a $5 register reward from previous trips

Total out of pocket: $0.58 (tax)
Got back $2 register reward

2nd Transaction:
Placker Flossers $2.00
Total: $2.00
-used $2 register reward from 1st transaction

Total out of pocket: $0.17 (tax)
got back $2 register reward


1st Transaction:
2 Arm and Hammer Spin Brush $6.49 each
2 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste $3.49 each
Total: $19.96
-used $4 of $20 purchase from previous visit
-two $3 off Spin Brush Coupons
-two $1 off toothpaste coupons
-$8 Extra Bucks from previous visit

Total Out of Pocket: $1.32
got back $9 Extra Bucks

2nd Transaction:
Mens Electric Razor $8.79
Womens Quattro Razor $8.79
Starburst $3.39
Total: $20.97
-used $4 off $20 purchase from previous visit
-used $3 off men’s razor coupon
-used $2 off women’s razor coupon
-used $13 in Extra Bucks from previous visits and 1st transaction

Total Out of Pocket: $3.87
Got back $4 in Extra Bucks

Total Trip Out of Pocket: $5.94

I just realized that I messed up by buying two of the razors when there was a limit of one…. even though they were mens/womens. Therefore, I didn’t get back as many Extra Care Bucks…. bummer! I did the second transaction at CVS so that I could use the other $4 off of $20 that I had.. essentially getting the starburst for free.. but really I shouldn’t have bought the second razor and been better off.”

Wow, Vanna! What a great trip! Thanks for being an inspiration to us all.

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