My Thrifty Home: DIY Travel Map

20 Mar

Here’s a fun DIY [and thrifty!] craft: A Travel Map! My husband and I are huge travel lovers, so we decided it was a necessity to add a fun wall map to our home to track our world adventures – where we’ve been, and where we want to go.

Here’s how we made it work:

  • My husband found an old bulletin board at work [$o]. Wahoo!
  • I found some terrific clearance chocolate brown fabric at Walmart [$2], and trimmed it to fully cover the old board. I used a staple gun (though a heavy-duty stapler would work too) to mount the fabric.
  • We took an old world map poster from the hubby’s childhood [$0] and trimmed it to fit the board.
  • I snagged cute thumb tacks at Target [$3] and color-coordinated: we chose blue for the places we had been together, yellow for the places one of us has traveled to, and pink for where we want to go!

We mounted it to our bedroom wall, and viola! A $5 project that added fun, adventure, and modern wall decor to our home:

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