Moolala: Building your Network

27 Jan

Moolala is an exciting new website! A hot daily deal site [free to join] with a twist: a chance to earn cash back on your purchases and referrals! If you missed my first post about Moolala, you can read it here.

If you’re wanting to make Moolala into a money making opportunity, keeping reading! I did a little math yesterday. Follow along:

If you invite 10 people to join, they invite 10… and so on,
and just 1% of those people buy $5 in daily deals once a week…
you can make $111 a week (that’s almost $450 a month!)

I think that’s awesome! Personally, I love this idea. But I also love feeling like a part of something so fresh and new.

Here are some words of wisdom my friend Kimber sent my way about building your network:

  1. Invite people sooner rather than later: Moolala is a grassroots movement. If you start inviting now, just a couple of weeks before the deals start, word will spread like wildfire!
  2. Make it personal. Facebook and Twitter are easy ways to spread the word, but a personal invite is much more likely to be an accepted invite. Send an email, write a note, make a phone call, or talk about it in person. Speak to your friends and family as friends and family. Be open and honest about why this opportunity excites you, and it’s likely it could excite them too.
  3. If you do use Facebook, be clear and concise. Create a short statement that summarizes Moolala and is enticing. Something like this: Moolala is the new Groupon! Make 2% cash on ALL purchases by friends in your network. Everyone is rewarded! The great thing is that it’s absolutely free. Sign up here: (add your Moolala link here).
  4. Be Creative! Have fun with the opportunity. Use your skills to get others involved, and have fun. Besides: it’s free!

Moolala daily deals will officially start in just a few weeks. Click here to sign up and start building your network now!

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