{Let’s Organize: 2012} Week 5: Recipes

11 Feb

This week marks the end of Week 5 of  Let’s Organize: 2012 – organizing the recipes. I don’t know about you, but I have lots of recipes – some digital, some written, some in books, some in my brain… – and no good way to store them. Yikes! As I sorted through my recipes, I categorized what I had as such: Cookbooks, Recipe Cards, and Digital Recipes. So here goes:


Despite the fact that a lot of recipes I use are family recipes, or ones I find online and in magazines, I still have a great collection of cookbooks – and a collection I couldn’t part with just yet! I simply organized these guys by lining them up neatly behind a closed cabinet door, because I had the space.

However, I know some of you don’t have storage space for that – or, you want to display them. I found great inspiration from Ms Smartie Pants this week. Check out the amazing {and adorable} way she organized her cookbooks:

{Recipe Cards}

Recipe Cards – in a cute little box – are a great way to store foodie ideas. If you don’t have these now, it’s the perfect time to invest. One of my favorite organizers comes from 1canoe2 @ etsy:

Letterpress Recipe Cards and Recipe Box

Recipe card holders and organizers are a great way to keep ideas safe; they are easy to store and easy to find. With TWO other ways to store recipes – like cookbooks {above} and digital copies {below} – it might seem silly to keep these cards too. But in some cases, the cards are sentimental – passed down from family and friends. And they hold a vintage quality you can’t find in a computer screen or on your iPad…

I have a great recipe card box full of wisdom and love thanks to my brilliant Aunt: at my bridal shower a few years ago, she asked every guest to handwrite and bring one of their favorite family recipes on a designated card. At the shower, she filled a beautiful box with those recipes and handed them over to me. I love it!

If you’re wanting to go the frugal, DIY route with recipe cards, check out Skip to My Lou’s Recipe Card Maker. Cute, perfect, & an easy way to print and go without paying a ton of $$:


And finally, there are lots of digital recipes flying around these days… internet websites, digital magazines, e-mails, and more. I found a few ways to organize and streamline my recipes digitally:

The first is through an app I found for my iPad called Personal Cookbook. It’s free {wahoo!}, and allows you to take all of those recipes you have saved across your inbox, online bookmarks, and in your brain, and store them in one place. Then, prop your iPod up in the kitchen and viola. An organized cooking extravaganza!

Secondly, I decided to take my digital recipes and turn them into a book {going full circle, maybe?}. My mother’s side of the family has passed down Holiday recipes for generations – and good ones at that! But right now, the way these recipes are stored is a bit askew. Every gal in the family stores them differently – some are on recipe cards, some are text documents, some are saved via e-mail, some scribbled on napkins, etc etc.

So, in the organizing spirit, I started a new photo book on Blurb.com {so in love with that site!}: one to hold and display all of our family recipes in one, easy place. It’s still in progress, but once it’s done, anyone in the family can have a copy to use and love. Here’s a taste of what I’ve done so far:

Did you organize your recipes this week? How did it go?

Share your progress below!

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