{Let’s Organize: 2012}: Week 3: Pantry & Food Storage

23 Jan

Well, folks: Week 2 is done and we are {finally} on to Week 3… organizing our Kitchen Pantry & Food Storage. I have to say… this will be my biggest challenge yet. Our pantry is not pretty…

Think About it.
How should you organize the pantry? What foods to you use everyday? What foods do you only need to take out occasionally? Are there items kiddos or pets in your house should or should NOT get to? Where should those go?

Be Inspired.
This week, I’m finding awesome inspiration from The House of the Smiths. Talk about a fantastic pantry! I love the painted and stenciled walls in the little closet – but also love how neat and clean everything looks. Check it out:

Set the Rules {& Keep them!} This week, I’m telling myself:

1. If it’s expired, THROW IT AWAY! Seriously, gross.
2. Bin it. Box it. Jar it. Consolidate!
3. Label, Label, Label! Neatly and Carefully {& remember to add expiration dates}.

What challenges do you face? What rules are you setting for yourself? Check back later this week, when I recap the project, share photos, & give you a chance to link to your projects.

Happy Organizing!

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