{Let’s Organize: 2012} Week 2: Kitchen Cabinets & Cupboards

17 Jan

Week 1 is complete! And now we are on to Week 2: organizing our Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards.

Think About it.
What fills your cabinets, and why? What sections of the kitchen cabinets should be filled with what appliances, dishes, and products to make cooking, baking and cleaning easy? Are your pots and pans near your stove? Dishes near the sink and dishwasher?

Be Inspired.
This week, I’m finding serious inspiration from iHeartOrganizing. Her kitchen is PERFECT. Mine may not look as good as hers, but boy does it make me want to work harder! Take a look into her kitchen cabinets here.





Set the Rules {& Keep them!} This week, I’m telling myself:

1. Keep it convenient – make sure items are organized well and easy to get to.
and {the same rules as last week here}:
2. If it’s a common item {baking sheets, appliances, etc} you don’t use at least once every 3 months, give it away.
3. If it’s a seasonal item {cookie cutters, cake pans, holiday aprons} you don’t use it at least once a year, give it away.
4. If it’s broken, THROW IT AWAY! Seriously, do it.

What challenges do you face? What rules are you setting for yourself? Check back later this week, when I recap the project, share photos, & give you a chance to link to your projects.

Happy Organizing!

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