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18 Feb

BidRack is a fun new site from Awesome items are up for auction every day, and you can place bids in hopes of winning (think like speed-Ebay).

Today alone, I watched an iPad sell for $40, another one for $8, and Just Dance for the Wii sell for $1.50! And another plus: all items ship for a flat rate of $2.

If you’re interested, I encourage you to join now (while the site is so new, and bids are lower)! You can choose to “buy” bids from the site, but you can also get 10 free bids today. Here’s how:

  • Sign into your No More Rack account (if you don’t have one, read more here. It’s free to join!)
  • Click on the new BidRack tab (on the top left) and sign in using your No More Rack ID.
  • Paste this link in your browser:
  • Ta-da! 10 Free bids! Start bidding today.

NOTE: If you don’t want to sign up for No More Rack, you can still join BidRack for free! Click here to get started.

Apple IpadDior Addict Lipstick

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