… And She’s Back!

28 Aug

Well, folks, I’m FINALLY back on the blog! Thanks for being so patient with me. The last 8 weeks have been quite an adventure between traveling, hosting a garage sale, moving, a home makeover, new jobs, and more traveling {yikes!}. Here are some snippets of what the husband and I have been up to:

We spent 10 days in June frolicking around New York City and visiting my sister, Maggie:

Then, our July Project #1: The Garage Sale:

After the Garage Sale, it was time for July Project #2: The Move {yuck}. The newest addition to our family, Queso, helped me pack:

After the move, came painting, painting, & painting {Project #3}! Here’s a peek into what was happening in our new Master Bedroom:

With moving and painting came July Project #4, also known as August Project #1: New Home Makeover {this one, alas, is still very much in progress}. New paint colors, new furniture, new design! I’m excited about all of the DIY projects I have in store.

In August, we also went to Texas to visit family and celebrate my birthday! Great time was had by all, especially those of us, young and young-at-heart, who dedicated great time and effort to building a Lego Dream House.

Needless to say, we’ve been busy. But as things are finally slowing down a bit, I am glad to be back. See you all soon, with promises of good deals and fun home makeover posts headed your way…

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